What impact can Gender Dynamics© create in today’s world?

Young businesswoman and young businessman side-by-side in starting position and determined to win. Concepts: competition; corporate race; power struggle; battle of the sexes.?
Is it a battle of the sexes? Or can we play a new game and both win?

Gender Dynamics© is an approach to communication that creates a natural blueprint for how men and women can understand each other with more clarity, engagement and healthy collaboration.. Whatever backgrounds, ages, cultures, ethnic groups and sexual orientation, men and women are influenced by natural gender attributes and defined by natural talents.  These inform key aspects of each person’s personality, presence and performance. Gender prejudices are put under pressure from well-established stereotypes and learned gender bias. These prejudices can block the growth of enterprises across the world. All natural gender factors plus our own experiences to date create our inter-gender communication, interactions and performance.

The new lens of Gender Dynamics© provides a real-world, real-time, understanding about our ‘male-female’ biological differences and much more; it assesses the impact those ‘born’ characteristics have on our natural behavior and communication styles and allows us to behave differently where necessary to the long established stereotypes that gender can engender!  Our gender biology is merely a starting point.  There is far more depth to the gender challenge and that is within each gender as we overlay onto the biological impact those traits that come from our natural internal preferences. These are named here as descriptive terms of ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ appropriately.  These traits that can be observed and recognized in words, and actions which differentiate the patterns we display as men and women in every context, within each gender culture, and applied to social, domestic and business arenas.  The combination of our biological print and our internal preferences transcends other diversity factors such as age, culture, ethnicity, disability and sexuality. As more and more women enter the business arena and especially the entrepreneurial and SME markets, the influence of these more complex Gender Dynamics© become more apparent. Becoming gender intelligent with our choices in business and in life is key to a more collaborative and sustainable future..

In creating a new perspective for business today, an employer whether male or female, must take into account the importance that gender and diversity take in creating his/her workforce and in understanding the changing consumer base business he/she is facing in a constantly evolving world. It is critical to recognize, value and leverage what men and women bring to the growth and sustainability of the workplace today.  Clarification of this subject adds enormous natural power to how men and women meet, discuss and create conversations that matter.

The ultimate goal is that people better understand their unique contribution as a man or a woman and bring that to the business environment.  It is said that in today’s business world, 95% of what men and women ‘do’ is the same. We all use technology the same, mobile communication the same, we connect with knowledge in the same way, we all drive cars, go to work, travel the same, eat the same, learn the same business skills – yet the 5% that makes men and women perform in different ways often makes the critical difference in how circumstances and situations, relationships and success happens. It is in that 5% that the critical emotional reactions take place, where minute to minute reactive responses change the path that person takes.  It is in that 5% differential, we can expand our possibilities of working together, men and women bringing a new working practice and better results. This is when we start to appreciate it is not the players that are stuck, there is no glass ceiling, however there is a traditional male playing field that needs re-framing so we don’t get stuck in the past.

Of course all of this new gender intelligent- “gender dynamics” -perspective can bring a new harmonic to life itself and impact our most intimate relationships within familial and social communities as well as business. Everybody is connected through their gender cultures, male and female, and together become inter-connected in daily existence. Please join me on this journey of discovery and add your views and perspectives, experiences and learning from connecting and relating to your own and members of the opposite gender. Let’s set our intention to create a better future together. Thank you.