Choice, Uncertainty and Love-Based Principles

selfpAs I present to audiences across the world, in the UK, in Europe, Asia Pacific and currently in the US, I notice variety, diversity, differences and similarities, and always magical happenings.  Yet today I find myself asking  “How, in our challenged world, do we each make the best choices using reasonable and unbiased observation?”   To help us in uncertainty, let’s use a good deal of common-sense, simplicity and love-based principles to guide us.

The world is simultaneously horrified, fascinated, thrilled, aghast, scared and amazed by choices made; Trump, Brexit, women marching enmasse, refugees fleeing and endless wars raging- and always the human rights of potentially marginalized minority groups high on everyone’s agenda. And yet so much more is occurring at an unconscious and far reaching depth that is both good and cleansing of our old stuck ways.  And it’s not all bad as so many think and fear. Of course, many don’t like uncertainty. IF we believe everything happens for a reason and nothing happens without connection to everything (as I do) then ‘hope springs eternal’ and we might accept that today ‘uncertainty is the root of all growth and possibilities’.

Man and woman

Change is always the current that flows and takes us forward. Time to be, to do, to think, to feel, to create differently and with compassion and understanding. The key to our future is, I believe, for men and women to truly value each other, understand the complementary nature of our contribution in any situation at work or at home, and co-create meaningful conversations, magical ones in deed. In these  conversations, we can share our views without blame nor calling people undesirable names. No judgments, no anger and no urgency to jump into action before we’re ready.  We may be diametrically opposed in our views yet in seeking common ground that is inclusive of all needs, we can all come to mutually beneficial outcomes. This is, by its nature, full of common sense and setting the intention that all needs can be met to some degree.  Conversation, compassion, an intentional perseverance and a deep wish to serve are essential. This forms a Magical Conversation.

By listening to hear rather than knee jerk reactions to respond, we can more easily be inclusive of the many layers of difference – culture, generation, gender, sexuality, ethnicity and disability – and embrace a calmly connected world rather than feeling caught up in every personal issue. Listen with smiles and compassion. We need to look beyond the ‘news reports’ and the media hype and, where you are uncertain of opinion makers, be your own wisdom and share with care!

Men and 21768350_1649050675125429_1170612401738849083_nwomen co-own this planet and the responsibility lies with us all. Let’s communicate from our heartfelt choices and common-sense heads, astute men and wise women alike, in true magical conversation style and allow the future to unfold without anger.  Time to co-create this love-based, healthy happy world one day at a time….do join me and my husband, Jim, to serve and embed a life legacy to “leave the world a better place for having been here”!


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